Baskin News Beat - February 2018

Research Roundup     

  • Dimitris Achlioptas collaborates on winning $800,000 proposal to the NSF
    The goal of the project, Efficient High-Dimensional Integration using Error-Correcting Codes, is to develop algorithms that make integrating high-dimensional functions tractable. Primary applications of the research are in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
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  • Yu Zhang imagines the future in New York Academy of Sciences magazine article
    In the article, Zhang discusses the coming revolution in smart electric power. 
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  • Paper co-authored by Ike Nassi appears in the IEEE Computer Society magazine
    The paper, Revisiting Scalable Coherent Shared Memory, presents a software-defined server architecture that is a scale-up shared-memory multiprocessor, yet uses ubiquitous commodity scale-out clusters. 
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  • Raquel Prado elected president of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis
    The appointment, effective January 1, 2018, recognizes Raquel's leadership in the field. Her research interests are in Bayesian time series modeling and statistical models and methods for brain data. Congratulations Raquel! 
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  • Darrell Long appointed first Editor-in-Chief of the new IEEE Letters of the Computer Society
    This is well-earned recognition of the depth and breadth of Darrell's expertise in data storage systems and computer security. Congratulations Darrell!
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  • Paper by J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves among top 3 at MSWIM
    The paper, Carrier-Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance and Detection, was among the three best papers (out of 145 submitted) at the 20th ACM International Conference on Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems.
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  • Ricardo Sanfelice creates Cyber-physical Systems course on Coursera
    The course, CPS: Modeling and Simulation, provides an introduction to modeling and simulation of cyber-physical systems.
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  • Katherine Isbister's book "How Games Move Us" is highlighted in Nature 
    The book landed in Nature's Highlights of this season's releases. Impressive reach. 
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  • Congratulations Baskin School of Engineering patent awardees
    Awardees include Matthew Guthaus, Riadul Islam, Phillip Berman, Sara O'Rourke, William Scott, Kate Mesa, Bin Yu, David Munday, Holger Schmidt, David Haussler, Joel Kubby, Xiaodong Tao, Nader Pourmand, Mark Akeson and Ed Green. 
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Student Scoop         

  • 5 MEP students win Slug Tank competition for innovative business ideas
    Winning pitches of these MEP students include Frequen-sees, an object-sensing device for blind users, and RealTime, a social network app that connects college students. 
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  • Former PhD computer science student is recognized with Best Paper Honorable Mention
    A paper by former PhD student Rajan Vaish received Best Paper Honorable Mention at the recent ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST). The paper, Crowd Research: Open and Scalable University Laboratories, was a result of Vaish's dissertation research with then advisor James Davis in the computer science department. The work was also featured in a news article from Stanford University, where Vaish landed a post-doctoral position after completing his PhD at UC Santa Cruz. 
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    Read the Stanford University article


  • Paper by PhD student Sharmistha Guha wins two competitions
    Bayesian Regression with Undirected Network Predictors with an Application to Brain Connectome Data, was recognized by both the International Indian Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association Section on Bayesian Statistical Science. Guha is a graduate student in Applied Mathematics & Statistics.  
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  • Student game "Phantom Jump" from Game Design Studio course is picked up by Steam
    Phantom Jump was released commercially on Steam's entertainment platform. The game is a skill-based platformer with rhythm mechanics. 
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  • 4 Baskin Engineering graduate students take part in inaugural Graduate Pedagogy Fellows program
    Megan Boivin (CE), Suzanne da Camara (CS), Lin Jin (EE) and Jacob Noone Wade (AMS) are among the first 18 students to participate in the Teaching Assistant Training program from the UCSC Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL). 
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  • The Masters of Gaming: BSOE creates the next generation of video game designers
    UC Santa Cruz's Games and Playable Media Graduate Program is featured in this video from Waypoint.
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  • Baskin Engineering participates in augmented and virtual reality panel
    BSOE was well-represented in this discussion on technology and market considerations of augmented and virtual reality. 
    Watch the video highlights
    Visit event page
  • The Kraw Lecture Series on Science and Technology highlights BSOE innovators
    Holger Schmidt, Nader Pourmand and Ed Green gave "lightning talks" at this event, which I co-hosted with Assistant Vice Chancellor Mohamed Abousalem.
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  • 3 Engineering faculty members take part in Transforming STEM Teaching program
    Tracy Larrabee (CE), Narges Norouzi (CS) and Farid Dowla (EE) are among the first UC Santa Cruz faculty members to participate in the 2018 Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Program Cohort.
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  • UC Santa Cruz and Baskin Engineering to co-host the 2018 ECEDHA annual conference and expo
    The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA) annual conference will be held in Monterey on March 16-20. Marco Rolandi, Chair of the Electrical Engineering department is leading the effort. 
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Sad news         

  • I'm sorry to announce that Carol Mullane passed away in December 2017. Many of you knew Carol, who served as a BSOE graduate advisor for 15 years and retired in 2013. I would like to express my condolences to her family and former colleagues in BSOE.       


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